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The leading Estonian music and culture webzine Rada7 interviewed the delegates of TMW 2012 conference. Below is a selection of interviews with: representatives of Eurosonic Noorderslag and Music & Media showcase festivals Marije Brouwer and Anu Aittoniemi, head of Positivus music festival Girts Majors, from the managers' side Toomas Olljum (Ewert and the Two Dragons, Iiris, Bedwetters) and Guna Zućika (Brainstorm); the Estonian-Finnish relations are outlined by Estophile and the boss of Stupido Records Joose Berglund, updates from the Russian music industry are given by Ilya Bortnyuk and also a juicy interview with one of the star-guests of the conference – the legendary Ed Bicknell. Enjoy!

Anna Hildur Hildibrandsdóttir

Marije Brouwer

Anu Aittoniemi

Ģirts Majors

Toomas Olljum

Guna Zućika

Joose Berglund

Ilya Bortnyuk

Ed Bicknell

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