Where: Viru Keskus
When: 06.04.2013
Time: 15:30
Where: Kanuti Gildi SAAL - Elwood Muusik esitleb
When: 06.04.2013
Time: 20:45



A fusion of Buryat-Mongolian tradition and modern rock and jazz elements, Namgar’s expansive music conjures mind’s eye imagery of wide-open spaces.

Fronted by the haunting vocal presence of Namgar Lhasaranova, the group that bears her name was founded in 2001. The singer, whose name translates as “white cloud”, has been a regular performer, both as a solo artist and in groups, since 1980.

Namgar masters the mysteries of majestic vistas, channels the voices of mountain and forest spirits, and relates these elements from the world around her to melodies sung by her father and grandmother. Her ongoing ambition is to maintain traditions that might otherwise become extinct.

She arranges the constituents in a way that enables the jewel that is her voice to grace the world’s stages.  


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