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Sybille Koller

Me And My Drummer

Where: AKU disainistuudio
When: 05.04.2013
Time: 18:00
Where: Rock Cafe (A saal) - Tuborg Music Club
When: 06.04.2013
Time: 22:00

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Me and My Drummer are a pop duo from Berlin with an economical sound, using piano, drums, synths and vocals. They believe less can be more, as long as what's laid bare are the parts that truly matter. Onstage, they are confidantes and combatants: they clinch like dancers and circle like boxers. Hinged around an incredible singing voice, their music makes requests and demands, challenges, dreams and floats along on a dense and changeable musical ride. This voice forms a tender, intimate, immediate alliance with a set of instruments reduced to its bare bones. Almost brutally close, their performance creates an intoxicating undertow - pristine, refined, mesmerising and light-footed.


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