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Andrew Patrick Childs (Publicist)

Alan McKim

Where: Von Krahl Bar
When: 24.03.2011
Time: 23:00



Paisley singer-songwriter Alan McKim, who very recently picked up Best Acoustic award at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards, is a bloody and passionate performer. His sound and demeanour is dark and intense but the music, with its driving bass lines and cascading chorus', remains irrepressibly catchy and will charm the most innocent of cherubs to the hardiest of souls alike. Alan possesses a refreshing back-to-basics and gritty approach ideal for these austere times whilst succeeding to keep his sound wholly new and fit to fill city stadiums.

Alan unleashes his first EP via Telescopic Baby on April 16th, 2011. Recorded at London's Livingston Studios, under the tutelage of established producer and songwriter Ken Rose (Warners, EMI and Giorgio Moroder Music) and his recently launched Telescopic Baby project.