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Meelis Meri


Where: F-Hoone
When: 25.03.2011
Time: 03:00


Merimell is a talented up’n’coming artist form Estonia - the only acknowledged female techno DJ in these quarters. As a little girl she learned to play guitar, violin, drums and piano. She’s also played in a chime orchestra, sung in choirs and performed at small events around her hometown. At some point she perceived that something was missing - playing all those instruments didn't feed her musical thirst. One night she went to a club before a party, and her friend showed her the possibilities and tricks of using different DJ gear. After getting to know the technical details, she started to train herself. Soon after, Merimell was invited to perform at several parties, more and more people started to invite her to their events. The road took her to underground places, where she fell in love with techno. Immediately she knew her call and began to learn tech-house, techno, minimal and more progressive styles. Merimell has also won the first place at the South-Estonian Young DJs Festival (2009) and the 3rd place at Ravecast DJ Contest 2010. As if that wasn’t enough for Merimell, she currently learns all the techniques of music production and has already releases out! Merimell - “Midnight EP” which is out under Tohuwabohu Music, also several remixes - includind Faze Out, Tempered DJ's, Andy Cain and many more..