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Jonas Oskinis

Colours of Bubbles

Where: Von Krahl Bar
When: 24.03.2011
Time: 21:30



Colours of Bubbles emerged in 2006 from the North Lithuanian town Šiauliai, a cradle for the most interesting guitar-based and arty bands in the country. The Colours have inherited the rehearsal room as well as passion for original music from their “elder brothers”, Brainers and Axis. Born and bred in the families of well-known Lithuanian musicians, the band have distilled their distinctive style and means of expression from the vaults of  the modern indie sounds and European-styled country feedback. In October 2009 they won an international young bands festival “Remont Fest” in Warsaw, Poland. Their song “Radiocentras” was voted the 7th best in the annual Top 100 faves by the listeners of  the leading Lithuanian radio station, Radiocentras, and became a regular hit on leading Polish alternative Radio 3 "Trojka". Their new track will be included in the latest edition of the compilation "Note Lithuania", released by Music Export Lithuania for MIDEM 2011 in Cannes. In November 2010 the band self-released their acclaimed debut EP "Today I Am Feeling Better Than Ever" presented in a series of raunchy concerts all over Lithuania. As press noted, "A big step forward for Lithuanian indie!"