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Maxim Sorokin


Where: Rock Cafe (A saal) - Tuborg Green Club
When: 26.03.2011
Time: 21:00


Everything Is Made In China (a.k.a EIMIC) is one of the leading Russian indie / post-rock / inditronica-bands. In Summer 2007 EIMIC recorded their first album called "4" at the “Chemical Sound” studio (Toronto, Canada). Upon its release in the end of 2007 they were hailed as the best indie-band of the year in Russia. During two years of  of touring the the album the band played lots of gigs in Russia, Baltic states, Poland and Finland. In May 2008 "4" was released in Japan. In Autumn 2009 EIMIC released their second album "Automatic Movements". Successful tours in Russia and Poland just proved EIMIC’s high position in the indie-music circles of respective countries. In February 2011 EIMIC will step as far as the Polar Circle to perform at the Barents Spektakel Festival in Norway. EIMIC gigs are always a full-scale sound+vision experience – their sound is enchanted by special video art created by the band’s long-term collaborator, Ilya Kolesnikov.