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Anneliis Kits

State of Zoe

Where: Rotermanni keskus - Jazzkaar & Jazziliit present
When: 26.03.2011
Time: 23:30



STATE OF ZOE (formerly known as Under Construction) is an electronic/jazz/chillwave/synthpop group brought together by life ‘s serendipity. In august 2010 the producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Sander Mölder started a electronic pop collaboration with the singer Anneliis Kits. Some of the material eventually becoming several tracks released on Stereo Spectrum’s EP “Conciliation” in 2010. Following several apperances with Stereo Spectrum, the duo started to work on Sander’s own more jazzy material, which they had performed a couple of times earlier in the spring with the saxophonist Indrek Varend. The trio, then named Under Construction, were given the opportunity to warm-up for Tortured Soul in Tallinn at the Autmn jazz Festival 2010.


A week before the performance, Indrek announced his departure to Afganistan and his intention to give a concert to the Estonian soldiers, leaving the other members in limbo and to some extent hopeless. Nevertheless, fate took its proper course and a saxophonist was replaced with the keyboard player Talis Paide (also a producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist). The group also added a drummer, Kristjan Kallas, to bring an acoustic feel to the electronics. The concept and the act turned out to be a success, and the future of State of Zoe was decided - the all new Under Construction realized they were a perfect match of ideas and thoughts and loved playing music together. After a debut appearance at the Rock Cafe, several gigs all over Estonia followed, sometimes performing under the name of Under Construction and even Dear Mr.John, but it was time to leave the project-based name behind. The singer Anneliis who had emerged onto the Estonian jazz, pop music scene many years before, came up with a stage name – Zoe. And finally a bandname was born- State of Zoe. State of Zoe have just released a two demotrack ”Imaginary” and “Part time”, and are also recording new material for the debut album, hopefully out at the end of 2011.