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Laur Joamets


Where: Von Krahl Bar - Rabarock presents
When: 25.03.2011
Time: 20:30


Dramamama is a no-fuss blues-y rock band formed in Tallinn, Estonia in 2008, by vocalist Mikk Tammepõld & guitarist Laur Joamets. After the demise of their previous projects they teamed up with drummer Kristjan Kallas & bassplayer Viljar Norman. Dramamama’s self titled debut album was released in September 2009.


Dramamama on Tallinna rockansambel mis on tegutsenud alates 2008. aasta suvest. Laulja Mikk Tammepõld on varem tuntud ansamblist Brides in Bloom, samuti basskitarrist Viljar Norman. Kitarril Tartu kitarrist Laur Joamets. Trummidel Kristjan Kallas. Dramamama on tänaseks salvestanud oma esikalbumi. Dramamama omanimeline debüütalbum ilmus 16. oktoobril 2009.


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