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Where: F-hoone Umblu Records presents
When: 25.03.2011
Time: 00:30

Depending on from which side you are listening, the deep house of Ajukaja is either loose or real tight. The funk in it certainly is nasty.  It’s also bold, devious, tough and atypical. The lush sounds that surround it are both warm and dark and often strikingly melodic.

“Ajukaja” is the first solo album from Raul Saaremets,  a musician, producer, influential DJ and radio-host for more than two decades. Here he’s  all alone, in and with the music that has been closest to his heart during the last twenty years – underground dance music.  As a promoter and resident DJ of Estonia’s longest running monthly club-night, Mutant Disco, he has played records alongside Moodymann and Idjut Boys, DJ Pierre and Cassio Ware, Zomby and Raffertie amongst many others. Ajukaja’s musical aims are all multifaceted, concerning everything that’s different and challenging, open to all that is old and dusty, but mainly looking for the future after the future.


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