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Mikk Dede

Mikk Dede

Laulja Mikk Dede on lõpetanud Türi Muusikakooli klaveri erialal. Hetkel õpib ta Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemias kooridirigeerimist. Lisaks soololaulule on Mikk Dede osalenud mitmete kooride ning ansamblite töödes ja tegemistes. Nagu näiteks meeskoor "Jõud", kammerkoor Voces Musicales, ansambel Vox Clamantis, vokaalansambel Estonian Voices, kammerkoor Collegium Musicale jt.



An interesting fact: Mikk Dede might be the only singer to have a lifetime ban on entering Estonian TV's young singers contest. Favourite of both the jury and the voting public, he decided to quit before the finals and go on a tour with the Estonian Police Orchestra instead. Not that this ban should bother him anymore because, at 24 years of age, Mikk has become an astonishing vocalist, sought after by leading vocal ensembles and chamber choirs - Vox Clamantis, Revali Trubaduurid, Estonian Voices to
name a few.


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