17 July 2012

Check out the hottest new talent from Estonia at Positivus festival!

On 20 – 21st July, the biggest music festival of the Baltics, Positivus festival will take place for the sixth time at Salacgriva, Latvia. This year the festival guests will enjoy the the widest range of the best and popular Estonian contemporary music. The delegation of Estonian artists is exceptionally large – there will be 21 Estonian acts performing. But do you know them all? Let’s go through the list.

Dave Storm
Where:Red Bull Music Academy stage
When:Friday, 20 July at 20:30 – 22:00

Dave Storm has performed in clubs and venues from mainland Europe and the UK to Ibiza superclubs Pacha & Space, and runs radio shows on SSRadioUK and Ibiza Global Radio. His DJ mixes employ a wide selection of house, from the deep and soulful to nu-disco and tech, tribal or prog-house, including atmospheric synths and pads, catchy chords and melodies, sexy vocals and relentless funky rhythms. His own tracks have been supported by key players like Frankie Knuckles, John Digweed, Josh Wink, and Danny Rampling. In 2004 Dave set up a record company, Ceremony Records, with a sister label Cabrio, and his debut album is to be released in 2012.


DJ Quest
Where:Red Bull Music Academy stage
When:Friday, 20 July at 03:30 – 05:00

He is the founder of hiphop.ee, organizer of several club nights and party series and a radio host. He is also the founder of Legendaarne Records. Apart from Estonia he has played in Latvia, Lithuania, Findland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, USA and the biggest electronic music festival in Europe Sonar Festival.


Kienra & ЯVRS
Where:Red Bull Music Academy stage
When:Friday, 20 July at 19:00 – 20:30

This man has worked under the name p2ts and has produced for various artists like S’Poom, Reket, Põhjamaade Hirm, TommyBoy and others. His new piece “City of Moment” is released under the new “international” name Ki En Ra. At Positivus he will be cooperating with ЯVRS. Kienra's rada7-profile


Where:I Love You stage
When:Friday, 20 July at 00:45 – 01:30

Mimicry is an arrogant and aggressive duo producing mind-blowing party music. They mix electroclash, psychedelic techno and garage rock, their sound the hybrid creation of band mainstay Paul Lepasson. Balance is brought to by vocalist Kene Vernik, whose Fever Ray-ish voice adds the depth of layers. Mimicry has played summer shows and festivals in Latvia, Finland, Lithuania and Denmark and club shows for packed venues in London.


Tenfold Rabbit
Where:I Love You stage
When:Friday, 20 July at 16:00 – 17:15

Tenfold Rabbit grew out of a Youth Band music competition entry last year. Their musical style is simple but powerful, incorporating country & western music, indie-rock and folk, with a touch of prog. The enthusiastic four-piece quickly caught the public imagination, making it to the final of local Eurovision contest and winning them an opportunity to play for the Estonian President at his home.


Malcolm Lincoln
Where:Nordea stage
When:Friday, 20 July at 17:15 – 18:15

Malcolm Lincoln are an Estonian band formed in October 2009 by members Robin Juhkental, Jakob Juhkam, Siim Raidma, Johan Alexander Petti and Hans Kurvits. The band's name originates from the game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?", on which a contestant incorrectly answered "Malcolm Lincoln" to a question about Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. Their music is on the pop end of drum ‘n’ bass. A debut album was released at 2010, with a follow-up set for release in March 2012.

Tiit Kikas
Where:Tallinn Music Week / Palladium stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 15:00 – 15:30

At the ripe old age of 4 Tiit Kikas had begun to disturb his neighbours with violin practice, pumping up the the volume further later on with the career-defining decision to take up the electric violin. He has composed music for movies, theatre, TV and radio but his true calling and aspiration is solo performance. His long work elaborating his technique to create new and strange sounds has resulted in a recognizable and peculiar brand of fiddle playing, as heard on his solo album “String Theory”. A second album, "101 Clowns", adorned with beautiful soundscapes on violin, loop pedal and live electronics, was released in March 2012.


State of Zoe
Where:Tallinn Music Week / Palladium stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 16:30 – 17:00

In august 2010 producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Sander Mölder started a pop-electronic collaboration with singer Anneliis Kits, which grew into several tracks released under the name Stereo Spectrum in autumn 2010.After a few apperances, the duo started to work on Sander’s own more jazzy material and were given the opportunity to warm-up Tortured Soul at the Autumn Jazz Festival in Tallinn. As the band needed a proper live stage approach – Sander and Anneliis joined forces with composer and multi-instrumentalist Talis Paide and drummer Peep Kallas, to bring an acoustic feel to the electronics. The concept and the act turned out to be a huge success – the four were a perfect match of ideas and thoughts. More and more live appearances followed and the future of the band was decided – newly found group continued under the name State of Zoe.

Abraham’s Cafe
Where:Tallinn Music Week / Palladium stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 18:00 – 18:30

Abraham's Café are a collective of ambitious young musicians specializing in Jewish klezmer music and rhythmical Arabic melodies, cleverly mixed with elements of folk and jazz. Despite being relative newcomers to the scene since arriving in the Spring of 2010, Abraham's Café have already performed at the Visioon festival, Tallinn Music Week 2011, Viljandi Folk, accordion festivals in Võru and Tartu and Popkatu in Finland. They also won 3rd place at the 27th Uno Naissoo composition competition with accordionist Kaspar Uljas's tune "Dim Dim".


Animal Drama
Where:Tallinn Music Week / Palladium stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 19:30 – 20:00

Animal Drama are a beauty and indie inspired pop/rock band from Tartu, South Estonia. The band was founded in 2007 by Fredy Schmidt, a singer who also wrote most the group’s music. The current lineup emerged in October 2009 and since then the group have given numerous lives and performed in many major festivals. Raadio 2 Aastahitt 2010 (Hit of the Year) decided “Animal Drama” made their “Demo of the Year” and in November 2010 eponymous debut album was released by MTÜ Stereotunnel.


Where:Tallinn Music Week / Palladium stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 21:00 – 21:30

Tallinn Music Week 2012 Skype award winner Talbot are the duo of doom, slowly conquering the world since 2008. With Magnus Andre on bass guitar, synths, vocals and Jarmo Nuutre on drums and vocals, Talbot have created a unique sound of their own – massive, atmospheric and noisy with a topping of heavy psychedelia. They released the "Tundra" EP in 2008 and an album, "EOS", in 2010. "EOS" was later re-released on Slow Burn Records, and received a nomination for the best metal album of 2010 at the Estonian Music Awards. After touring extensively in Japan, Australia, Russia and all over the Europe, Talbot are now working on the new material for releasing the next album.

Elephants From Neptune
Where:Tallinn Music Week / Palladium stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 22:30 – 23:00

An unpredictable and ever-changing unit creating their own groovy rifforama. As suprising as a rottweiler in a sports bag, they came and conquered the Estonian underground rock scene, earning immediate praise from critics and fans alike. Consisting of four guys who spend their days and nights together to improve their music, they released their debut album in Spring 2012. Their music has been compared to bands from Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters to “Prince with balls”.


Where:Tallinn Music Week / Palladium stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 00:00 – 00:45

"A certain emotional weight, and at the same time, urgency and bravado are what make Dahling great." (Mart Normet, Raadio 2) // Combining their own unique brand of pop sensibilities with bold and brash melodicism as well as insightful lyrics, Dahling have rocked around Estonia for years. In 2007 their debut album was released and they chose an elegant and modern way to present it - with a 30-minute online concert that was broadcasted on the website of one of the most popular Estonian newspapers


Where:Tallinn Music Week / Palladium stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 01:00

A multitalented songwriter, producer and musician Sethh is a lifelong melomaniac, drawing inspiration from anything good regardless of the genre. He has penned and produced music from popular Estonian artists to the Estonian Idol 2011 winners, the MicRec Publishing company and created jingles for television, radio, cinema. At Positivus he'll deliver a DJ-set with his comrade Jozels, a cooky DJ / musician, known primarily as the frontman of Bedwetters. Please bring pictures of cute cats to the  show. Wub wub! Sethh on Soundcloud

Ewert and the Two Dragons
Where:TELE2 stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 14:45 – 18:30

Ewert and The Two Dragons is a folk-rock quartet from Tallin, Estonia. Since their sophomore album Good Man Down (I Love You Records, 2011) was released to great reviews, the band’s fame has spread like a blaze, garnering them airplay from France to Brazil, and festival dates all over the world. It also became the best-selling record of the year in Estonia and the band was nominated and won five Estonian Music Awards in 2012. They have performed at important music industry festivals like Popkomm (Germany), Waves Vienna (Austria), Eurosonic Festival (Holland) and Lost In Music (Finland)


Sibyl Vane
Where:I Love You stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 20:00

Sibyl Vane are a fresh breeze in Estonian music, mixing alternative rock with bluesy pop. Singing guitarist Helena Randlaht´s unique melancholic touch in writing and performing music made the band stand out enough to represent Estonian music in the international cultural exchange programme “Show Belarus, Show Europe”. In Autumn 2011 they won the Estonian national youth band contest “Noortebänd 2011". Tallinn Music Week brought them together with a Latvian record company I Love You Records.  Sibyl Vane’s debut album will hit the stores in fall 2012.


Tiger Milk
:Red Bull Music Academy stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 20:00 – 21:00

Tiger Milk is an electronical music group, consisting of Eva K, Meelis Meri and Ville Veering, with backing vocals by techno DJ and producer Merimell. In February 2011 Tiger Milk released their first single “Another World”, defining their music as an equally potent brew of rock, electronica and pop. Their debut album „Supernatural“ was released in spring 2012. In their own words: “Tigers are pretty and milk is nutritious. And that's exactly what we're giving you.”


Where:Red Bull Music Academy stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 21:00 – 23:00

OYT is MC Busta, a DJ, beatbox enthusiast and the drum'n'bass MC, and Sander Mölder, a graduate in music composition from Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. A former member of the Estonian nu-jazz group Cosmoskva, Mölder is also a multiinstrumentalist, producer and a DJ. DJ S.I.N. – the man behind the sound of OYT – is regarded as the number one drum'n'bass DJ and producer in Estonia. His track  "Right Now" with Mutated Forms found it's way on d’n’b icon Goldie's FabricLive mix album in 2011. The live outfit adds drums and keyboards to the electronic setup of computers, synthesizers and turntables, ensuring that every performance is a one-of-a-kind magical moment


Mr. Nestor
Where:Red Bull Music Academy stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 00:00 – 01:00

Mr. Nestor is the boss of the recordstore Biit.me and also one of the Estonians who have been to Red Bull Music Academy. Here’s a mixtape of his.

Sander Mölder
Where:Red Bull Music Academy stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 03:30 – 05:00

Sander Mölder understands that we make our own musical destiny; that perseverance and a positive mental attitude are as necessary as talent to succeed. After thirteen years of cello tuition, Mölder has more than set the scene for an array of experimental projects. He's not just about granular synthesis and electro-acoustics – he has played in various bands, been a genre-busting DJ, and performed at London's Royal Albert Hall as part of a chamber orchestra. He has also warmed up the stage (with a live set) for French producer Onra & hip-hop legend MF Doom.

Zebra Island
Where:I Love You stage
When:Saturday, 21 July at 17:00 - 18:30

Zebra Island are a synth-pop surprise from Estonia started by creative young composer Rasmus Lill. Extroverted vocalist Helina Risti adds a sense of poise and drama, and their intriguing setup is completed by Magnus Morel, a talented young multi-instrumentalist, and Lauri Raus, a peculiar melomaniac and lo-fi guitarist. Many ears are trained on the band after the success of their first track “Falling Through”. Zebra Island have been compared to artists like M83, School of Seven Bells and Beach House.

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