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Where: Tapper - HRC & Nailboard presents
When: 26.03.2010
Time: 19:00

Cantilena are four young men with thrash metal firmly rooted in their hearts. The group’s collective journey, embarked upon in April 2009, has so far encompassed a dozen live performances and the recording of a demo track. Cantilena treat their audiences with respect and are willing to squeeze out the last drop of their creative essence — together with honest sweat — at every gig. Their music carries something that metal has recently begun to lose sight of — the pride to be. We will die with smiles on our faces!

Cantilena on neli noort meest, kel thrash-metal südames. Ühist reisi alustati 2009. aasta aprillis; seni on bändi kontol kümmekond esinemist ja salvestatud üks demolugu. Cantilena suhtub oma kuulajaskonda austusega ning pigistab igal esinemisel endast viimse kui higipiisa. Muusikaga kantakse kaasas ja antakse edasi midagi, mis tihti paistab metalist kaduma kippuvat — uhkust olla. Me sureme, naeratus näol!

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