Apples Of Idun (FIN)

Where: Rockstar`s - World Clinic presents Dark Music
When: 26.03.2010
Time: 00:00

Apples of Idun puts an assortment of melodies from both analog and digital synthesizers, heavy guitar riffs and haunting vocals in a blender, adds ethereal atmospheres to the mix and serves a steaming hot plate full of unique, tasteful and delicate, yet spicy electronic music. The band`s output has been compared to Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More, Gary Numan, and Skinny Puppy, to name a few. Disaster Art, the follow-up to 2005 debut album Widow, was released in Finland by Go On Music / Edel Records in April 2009.

Based in Turku, Apples of Idun have been roaming the Finnish underground scene since 2004. Lately they have gained recognition also in mainstream media, including heavy rotation on various radio stations and the music video for the albums opening track The Bang`s appearance on Finnish MTV and other channels. Also, the nationwide TV station Nelonen used the song Blatant Blue in one of their TV commercials. Some of the biggest Finnish youth culture magazines have praised Apples of Idun on numerous occasions, with especially the new album receiving flattering reviews.

For the past few years Apples of Idun have toured around Finland developing their live shows into intense events of explosive live performance, astonishing light show and all-around ground breaking music experience. Depending on the venue, even projected backing videos can be included as a part of the live set-up.

Throughout their career, the band has received a considerable amount of feedback from European and North-American fans which proves that their sound has a potential of reaching music listeners from all over the world. Now Apples of Idun have decided to pack the tour bus and deliver their fresh and innovative music package to the eager international audiences.

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