Toe Tag

Where: Rock Cafe - Rock Cafe presents
When: 27.03.2010
Time: 00:00

Toe Tag has always been about simplicity. When starting out in 1996 in Tallinn, Estonia, Toe Tag would rhyme on lo-fi beats wherever they could find a working microphone. That would lead to the publication of their first tape-album, which then was the most popular form of audio publishing in Estonia. Genka, Revo and DJ Paul Oja gave their first live show with tapedecks substituting the turntables and the microphones not working, but still managed to rock a full house at the most popular underground club Bel-Air in Tallinn. Giving numerous live shows and receiving the attention of the local media for being one of a kind on the Estonian hip hop scene, Toe Tag held out for eight years without actually releasing any new music, also performing for 25 000 people at the Red Bull big-air snowboard contest held in the centre of Tallinn. After numerous side projects and attempts to record something new, Toe Tag signed a deal with local MFM Records, who insisted on having an album out by the year 2004. When single “Legendaarne” was released it became an instant banger in all clubs, radio stations and car stereos across Estonia. And not only among the hip hop community, it obtained hit status in the mainstream also. “Legendaarne LP” became the critics favorite of 2004 and had amazingly high sales for a hip hop album in Estonia. 2004 ended with hits “Legendaarne” and “Déjà vu” being in the top 4 of the listener top of the national radio. Toe Tag was nominated for best album and best newcomer in the Estonian Music Awards and picked up awards for best hip hop act and best band. Toe Tag right now is still touring with the “Legendaarne LP” with a full live band consisting of well-known musicians from Estonian metal-scene and a horn section and will soon release a fourth single from the album. The third single “Pankrot” and the title song both have videos. “Pankrot” video is the first Estonian video ever played in MTV Europe. New album "Kõik on formuleerimise küsimus" was released in the spring of 2009.

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