Shelton San

Where: Rockstar's - World Clinic presents
When: 27.03.2010
Time: 01:00

Estonian noise-rock band Shelton San was formed in 2002 in Tallinn. Band's sound might be described as a massive sonic wall, a blend of rationality and irrationality: screeching feedback, dissonant notes, indiscriminate vocals balancing across singing and screaming, combined with rock-solid drum and bass section, catchy guitar riffs and logical musical progression. Shelton San outlines order in chaos and where some hear randomness there is surely structure to follow.  Shelton San is elaborate, but not sterile; hypnotic, but not annoyingly monotonous; nuanced, but not overwhelming; raw, but not sloppy. As noted by Estonian music critic, Mart Juur: "There’s nothing redundant. Beautiful, grand, horrifying. In the end, there are ruins and void."


EP (Seksound) 2005

"Spontaneous Black" (Forwards) 2006

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