When: 28.03.2009
Time: 00:15 Where: Von Krahl - Raadio 2 presents
When: 26.03.2010
Time: 21:45

In essence, this beautifully-named band ("sinine" means "the colour blue") is just one man with a vision of creating a new kind of dark pop. His name is Mauno Meesit and he comes from a small town called Paide, home to one of Estonia's nicest castles, the country's uncontested best burger joint — and the first Estonian Depeche Mode fan club. Sinine's debut album "Butterflies" appeared, quite literally, out of the blue, released by the German label Accession Records.

File under: dance like everybody's watching.


"Osa muusikast on mõeldud meelelahutuseks. Osa muusikast on kunst. Osa kunstist on meelt lahutav. Sinise muusika on kindlasti kunst ja samas ka oma aususe ja sügavusega põnev ja meelt lahutav rännak läbi lugude. Tervitame Sinist meiega liitumise puhul ja ootame põnevusega debüütalbumi "Butterflies" ilmumist," kommenteeris maineka Saksamaa plaadifirma Accession Records juht Adrian Hates lepingu sõlmimist Eesti alternatiivelektroonika bändiga Sinine.

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