Rulers of the Deep

Where: Club Hollywood - Julm Records & ROTD presents
When: 26.03.2010
Time: 01:30

The two men have been in the leading front since the birth of Estonian dance music scene more than 15 years ago. DJ Meri, a former pianist, and P. Julm, one of the very first hip-hop DJ-s in the country, come from a city hyped to be the best clubbing location in the world in 2005 by New York Times — Tallinn.

The sound Rulers of the Deep carry is noticeable and unique. Although considered producers and DJ-s of house, both DJ Meri and P. Julm have explored musical areas quite far from the original territory of house music. Their sound can be deep, tribal, soulful and vocal, yet also full of breaks, dark vibes and tech edges. Since 2000, Rulers of the Deep has been released on Defected, OVUM Recordings, NRK, Stealth, Distance — and the list goes on. Rulers are the only artists in the global house music scene who have managed to work successfully with both sides of house music, from Josh Wink’s OVUM to Joey Negro and Louie Vega.

Rulers of the Deep is not their only project. DJ Meri has his solo project Cylon and P. Julm is also active with his band Broken Time Orchestra. With Pierre Ravan from Dubai they also record under the moniker Triplicates. Besides production and DJ-ing across the world, DJ Meri and P. Julm have always hosted radio shows on many popular stations across Estonia. These days, the duo hosts the Saturday night two-hour mix-show Tallinn Express, aired weekly on the national station Raadio 2 at 19.00. The show is also streamed live on the net via Using the same brand (Tallinn Express), DJ Meri and P. Julm also run a monthly club night at the Von Krahl Theatre, where they host the main stage the whole night.

* * *

Eesti tantsumuusika ämmaisandad DJ Meri ja P. Julm on Rulers of the Deepi nimelise Tallinna duona tantsitanud publikut kogu maailmas. Ehkki tuntud house-DJ-de ja produtsentidena, kaugenevad mehed sellest tandrist tihti. Nende sügavaid, ürgseid, hingestatud ja vokaaliküllaseid kõlamaastikke ilmestavad põnevad murtud rütmid, tume atmosfäär ja tehno-hoovused. Teinud ainulaadselt edukat koostööd ässadega house-muusika mõlemal rindel, Josh Winki OVUMist Joey Negro ja Louie Vega, on Rulers of the Deepi loomingut avaldanud plaadifirmad nagu Defected, NRK, Stealth, Distance jt. Lisaks ajavad mehed ka omi asju — DJ Meri teeb sooloprojekti Cylon, P. Julm bändi Broken Time Orchestra. Koos Pierre Ravaniga Dubaist moodustavad nad rühmituse Triplicates. Raadio 2 iganädalast Tallinn Expressi tundi veavad samuti nemad.

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