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Maria Minerva

Where: Mustpeade Maja - Odessa Pop presents
When: 26.03.2010
Time: 20:30

Maria Minerva is multi-talented Maria Juur from Tallinn. Her home recordings, also under the name of her alter ego Uncandy, have already created quite a buzz in the Estonian indie scene. It is rumoured that her debut album may be underway. Making dreamy lo-fi electronic shoegaze pop, she has been stylistically compared to Washed Out, Neon Indian an other currently hip so-called chillwave artists. Her track "Lovecool" (as Uncandy) is featured on the new Estonian indie compilation "Kohalik ja Kohatu 3", released on Seksound early 2010.


Maria Minerva on kunstiteaduse tudeng Maria Juur, kes teeb koduste vahenditega unenäolist lo-fi-lähenemisega elektroonilist shoegaze-poppi. Tema MySpace'i riputatud kodulindistused, sh alter ego Uncandy nime all, tekitasid 2009. aasta lõpus Eesti indie-skenes omajagu kahinat. Maria muusikat on võrreldud uute nn chillwave-artistega nagu Washed Out, Neon Indian jt. 2010. aasta alguses avaldas indie-plaadifirma Seksound tema loo "Lovecool" sarikogumikul "Kohalik ja Kohatu 3".

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