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Roomet Jakapi


Where: Von Krahl - HUH presents
When: 27.03.2010
Time: 23:30

Kreatiivmootor ("creative engine") are from Tallinn, Tartu, Vienna and other cities of the world. They combine many musical styles and techniques to create a provocative mixture of conventional, less conventional and absolutely unconventional songs, sounds and structures. Labelled by critics as "(neo)dada", "free pop", "weird shit", "avant-punk", and so on, Kreatiivmootor's music has been associated with krautrock, early industrial, psychedelic rock, off-the-wall folk, creepy ambient, and many other genres. Thus it seems that the object isn't easy to describe — either because of its elusive and eclectic nature, or some other reasons. Kreatiivmootor have released two home-recorded demo albums (2005), the album "Irratsionaalne" (Odessa Records 2007), and an Internet-EP "Before You Think" (with Pastor Willard, a Texas-based preacher; Artishok Records 2008). Their second album "Kaleidoskoop" (Kreatiivmootor 2010) is to be released this spring.


Kreatiivmootor on pärit Tallinnast, Tartust, Viinist ja teistest maailma linnadest. Nende muusikas kombineeritakse paljusid stiile ja tehnikaid, mille tulemusena luuakse provokatiivne segu harilikest, vähem harilikest ja eriti ebaharilikest lauludest, helidest ja struktuuridest. Kriitikud on nende muusika iseloomustamiseks kasutanud silte nagu "(neo)dada", "free pop", "weird shit", "avant-punk" jne, seda muusikat on seostatud krautrocki, varase industriaalmuusika, psühhedeelse rocki, veidra folgi, õudu-ambienti jpt žanritega.

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