Goals and aspirations

Tallinn Music Week is a brand new music industry networking event and show-case festival, happening in Tallinn for the second time, on 25-27 March 2010. The festival is a music export platform for Estonian and the neighboring countries’ talent, as well as a tool to encourage professionalism and growth of our region’s music business. Tallinn Music Week welcomes around 100 international delegates to the festival each year, to build professional contacts with local industry and get acquainted with the local artists and music scene.

Tallinn Music Week comprises of:

  • Seminar panels and discussion groups with panelists consisting of top professionals from Estonia and abroad and topics ranging from music business to cultural politics and technological innovation.
  • Showcase-programs on three nights that stage around 80 best Estonian/regional bands and artists from different music scenes and genres. Showcases are held in the central venues and clubs in Tallinn and each of them is promoted and presented by a key-festival or event in Estonia.
  • Making Tallinn Music Week into an important annual event to encourage and upgrade the Estonian / Baltic music business internally and export-wise
  • Setting up a top-quality festival that presents local talent with prestige and professionalism that it deserves
  • Offering our international partners to learn more about music business in Estonia and Baltic States by strengthening their contact base here
  • Offering Estonian music professionals a chance to broaden their contact base abroad and encouraging them to pursue their artists’ careers internationally
  • Creating cooperation platform for various local brands and companies, whose interests involve introducing Estonian culture and exporting it abroad
  • Encouraging tourism into our region by running an exciting music festival, both for music professionals and music lovers
  • Keeping up an on-going communication of positive and progressive news of Estonian music and culture to international press and professionals

HISTORY: Tallinn music week 2009

Tallinn Music Week started out in 2009, a year that was declared the year of Innovation in Estonia. Having partnered up with Tallinn2011 (Tallinn will be the European Culture Capital in 2011!) and the country’s very own brain child Skype, it is a new and fresh initiative with an aim of integrating Estonian music industry effectively into the European industry circuit, thus providing a new platform for the country’s best talent to spread further from its country’s borders.

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