Press release: First Tallinn Music Week a success; Popidiot win Skype prize



The prestigious Skype award, in value of 50 000 kroons, was presented to the electro-pop band Popidiot. To be deemed worthy of Skype’s Go Change The World Award, the band had to be original, outstanding and professional enough to succeed in the international arena. The award was established by Tallinn Music Week’s endorser and partner Skype with a specific aim in mind — to offer the winning band a chance to effectively further their career in a very real manner: by shooting a video, recording an album, hiring a foreign producer, or catching the wind in their wings in any other manner conceivable. The recipient was collectively selected by the foreign delegates to the festival, the Estonian audiences, and Skype. The most important factors behind the decision were the band’s preparedness and export potential.


Paul Cheetham, manager of successful Finnish bands Manboy and the Crash, founder of the NMO music network in Berlin, comments on Popidiot’s winning the prize: “The line-up at Tallinn Music Week was exciting and exceptional, and picking out a single winner was harder than I would have imagined. I opted for Popidiot because of their obvious “export-readiness”. They have a brand new album ready, a strong image, the right kind of ambition, and a confident, shameless approach to the pure pop they produce. Their gig was full of energy and I think they could pick up a lot of followers inside the music business. If they get a chance to play at pan-European showcase events such as Popkomm, by:Larm and Eurosonic, I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t have their albums available all over Europe, and present their act at clubs and festivals everywhere. I don’t doubt the Skype award will quickly be put to an efficient use by the band, but I also hope that Estonia will understand how both this band and Tallinn Music Week embody the perfect opportunity to initiate a wise plan of investing into Estonian music and pop culture — the way Nordic countries have been doing it for years.”


The festival’s main organizer Helen Sildna says: “Many of our foreign guests, some of whom were visiting Estonia for the first time, or had never even encountered any creative output by an Estonian artist, had absolutely no expectations of the event. All the more positive, then, was their surprise at the inherent diversity, good taste and vibrant colour of our music scene. Also Tallinn’s varied concert venues, as well as the home audiences’ support to the bands were highly appreciated. Such feedback is of imponderable value to our country’s music business and to the next year’s festival, as well as to the Estonian nation in general — so that in the future, there would be enough motivation and know-how for developing and supporting Estonian music and pop culture much more wisely and systematically.”


More than 4000 music-lovers attended the concerts, and Tallinn Music Week’s website received nearly 27 000 visitors from 53v countries, which means that a huge amount of people in addition to the attendees became acquainted with Estonia, Tallinn, Estonian bands and the Tallinn Music Week festival. The top ten of visits by country were as follows: Finland, England, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, USA, Denmark, Lithuania, Norway and Holland.


The next Tallinn Music Week takes place in 2010, on the last weekend of March, March 25th to 27th.


Tallinn Music Week heartily thanks all endorsers and cooperation partners: Tallinn2011, Nordic Hotel Forum, Skype, EAS, The Year of Innovation, the Estonian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Air, Vikingline, Hansabuss, Eventech, RGB, Plektrum, Velvet, Sailinvest - Sea the Future, R2, MTV, Rada7.

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