Press release: Skype awards the artist of greatest international potential


Supporter and partner of Tallinn Music Week, Skype has presented an award for one Estonian band performing at the festival — a monetary prize for the artist who Skype, the festival-goers and the foreign guests deem the most promising internationally. Audiences can offer their opinions starting Monday at the festival’s home page at


The band worthy of Skype’s Go Change The World Award must have fresh ideas and innovative DNA, be original, eye-catching and professional enough to succeed in the international arena. The Skype award is presented with a very specific goal in mind — to offer the winning band the chance to advance their career instantly and in a very real manner: to record a video or an album, hire a foreign producer or catch the wind in their wings in one or another manner.


Visitors to the festival’s home page have the opportunity to add their contribution to the process of choosing by voting for their favourite artists. At the web-page, one can familiarise themselves with the complete schedule of events and performers, and cast their vote at the Skype Award section designed specifically for this purpose. Learn about the bands at! Videos of the bands performing at the fest can be seen at the Tallinn Music Week and Skype’s video shelf, the YouTube channel at the address, where in addition to the music videos by the festival bands, also a few humorous video greetings by the same can be enjoyed.


In three nights, Tallinn Music Week brings 65 Estonian bands to 10 different club stages of Tallinn. In order for the audience to have a constant clue of what’s going on where, the festival, the visual technology company RGB and Skype have joined forces in order to create Skype’s video bridges between the more important clubs; those hooked up with a video link will be the Von Krahl Theatre, the No99 Theatre, the rock club Tapper, and Club Hollywood. Over the Skype Internet video link, real-time visuals can be observed on screens installed at these venues: while spending time in Von Krahl, one can have a look at the festivities taking place at club Tapper, and vice versa.


“As the festival schedule includes such an array of bands, clubs and stages, we are very happy to have the smart Skype come to our aid and build a virtual bridge to overcome the typical modern conundrum of how to be in many different locations at the same time. We invite all those interested in music to check out the festival schedule, and consider Tallinn Music Week a combination of a fast course in Estonian music with a fun game of finding one’s way on a spring night in Tallinn, with the aim of seeing as many bands as possible,” says Helen Sildna, organiser of the festival.


“Like software, also Estonian design, architecture, financial services and music are fields of creative art. World-class art deserves any chance it can get to make it big in the very same world. By supporting Tallinn Music Week, we want to have a hand in bringing powerful dreams to fruition,” Sten Tamkivi, General Manager of Skype Estonia, comments the cooperation with Tallinn Music Week.


Tallinn Music Week’s supporters include Tallinn 2011, Nordic Hotel Forum, Skype, Year of Innovation, Music Export Estonia, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture and EAS.


Tickets to concerts are sold at Piletilevi. See you at the March night band-hunt! 3 nights, 10 stages, 65 bands!

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